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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

AFS provides CNG at multiple facilities across the United States. CNG is traditionally priced much lower than gasoline and diesel, providing a savings on fuel costs and reducing price volatility. In addition, utilizing CNG reduces harmful carbon emissions in the atmosphere by 35%, fine particulate matter by 90%, and nitrous oxide by 30%.

AFS’s CNG Sales Division provides CNG to multiple Fortune 1000 companies, including AT&T and Waste Management. These customers have shared with us their not only their extraordinary reduction in fuel costs, but also in maintenance costs over the lifetime of their vehicles, due to utilizing this cleaner and more efficient fuel.

AFS facilities are open 24/7, feature turning radii sufficient for large tractor-trailers, and accept all major credit and fleet cards.


American Fueling Systems offers the clean burning alternative Biodiesel produced from domestic and renewable resources. Our logistics and transportation teams can offer regular on-time deliveries of this domestically sources fuel. In addition we offer Bio-diesel for retail consumption at many of our existing retail outlets. Biodiesel gives fleets a cleaner- safer fuel with similar range and performance results compared to petroleum diesel fuel. A big added bonus is that utilizing bio-diesels does not require any retrofit to the existing vehicles YOU CAN USE IT Right AWAY!!

This emerging fuel source is expected to reduce the costs compared to petroleum diesel in the next few years. Biodiesel provides tax incentives for the end user. American Fueling Systems offers both our Georgia and Texas customers B5, B20, and B99 blends. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can best serve your Biodiesel fuel needs. Contact us today at 770-399-7800.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

AFS offers a full-service LNG solution to many upstream oil and natural gas producers. This model provides the LNG commodity along with transport and on-site cryogenic storage capabilities. This full-service option has helped dramatically reduce fuel costs for many upstream organizations while helping them to meet and exceed the 2010 EPA standards.

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