The Largest CNG Fueling Facility in GA Opens to the public

ATLANTA, October 1, 2012 — American Fueling Systems (AFS) announced today that the grand opening event to celebrate its new Alternative Fueling Facility will take place on October 11, 2012. This new facility, the largest alternative fueling station in the state of Georgia, will provide compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane (LPG) to fleet vehicles in the area. Located at 4420 Buford Highway, Chamblee, GA 30341, this fueling outlet will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

"We are proud to be expanding the use of clean, affordable, natural gas in this state. We believe that Georgia, with its extensive logistics capabilities, can lead the nation as it transitions to alternative fuels. Traditionally, alternative fueling facilities have been built on private business property to accommodate fleets for that organization. AFS is ready to meet the projected future demand by taking the infrastructure from secluded hard to find locations to prominent easy to access centers in well trafficked areas." said Rahim Charania, Chief Executive Officer of AFS.

This facility was built in conjunction with a grant awarded to Clean Cities Atlanta Petroleum Reduction Program by the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory. The program is designed to increase the availability of alternative fuels and the use of alternative fuel vehicles and advanced technology vehicles in Metro Atlanta as a means of reducing U.S. dependence on imported petroleum, increasing fuel economy, reducing emissions and improving air quality. The opening of this facility will allow Georgia to make a tremendous leap forward in alternative fuels. With the commitment of DeKalb County as well as large private organizations that will use the facility to fuel their new fleet of CNG and LPG vehicles, the demand for cleaner and more cost effective fuels in the region should sky rocket.

AFS is committed to opening at least two additional fueling locations in Georgia before the end of first quarter 2013 and plans to add many more facilities in the Southeastern United States over the next two years. Jorge Maroto, Chief Operating Officer of AFS added, "AFS believes that the future of transportation infrastructure will move from reliance on oil to a market with varied fuel sources including CNG, propane, and electric vehicles. This new platform of multiple fuel sources will create the kind of competition in the marketplace that will ultimately benefit consumers as they will be able to evaluate and select the best fuel option for their specific needs."

The grand opening event will feature remarks from Mr. Charania, Mr. Maroto, as well as DeKalb County officials including Burrell Ellis, CEO of DeKalb County.